Thanks for glancing at the site. Here’s the short story: I’m an Australian writer and journalist based in New York.

In a professional capacity I currently write, predominately, about film and music and the people involved in the arts but in the past I’ve been a business and finance writer and editor, covered sports around the world and reported on politics and major news events. I’m also engaged in writing non-fiction books and have worked extensively as a scriptwriter and consultant, especially in children’s film.

I realize website and blog gurus advocate specialization on a site such as this and eventually I’ll probably start favoring one particular subject, but for the moment, at least, I’ll post a smorgasbord of new stuff that interests me and see what sticks.

In the first few weeks I expect there will be pieces on film, music, sport (especially rugby), maybe business and finance issues – especially if I can make jokes about them – perhaps a travel destination yarn or two and some regular news/opinion.

I’m a long time resident of New York and love the joint, although I miss Australia enormously – that’s prime motivation to scribble random thoughts about both places.

Be a little patient with me gentle reader, I’m a complete technophobe, but I have recently learned to change the ringtone on my phone which suggests there is some chance I’ll eventually master complex computer and internet issues.


2 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. I looked foward to reading the fabulous and witty Greg Truman’s articles about films, music and sports like rugby and cricket that I don’t completely understand. Oh and *we’re not worthy* *we’re not worthy*

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