Jarryd Hayne: A Long Shot Worth Taking

As a rugby league player, Manfred Moore was a trifle though you could see he was a good athlete.

The uncomfortably seated crowd in the decrepit King George V Memorial Grandstand at Henson Park in 1977 spent much of the game entertaining themselves by chiding the former San Francisco 49ers NFL player: “Not that way Manfred! … That’s called a tackle Manfred” or barking gems such as “Where’s your helmet Manfred?”

The poor bloke stood so far away from the action on the wing he had one foot in Lewisham.

Shame. Exiled Australian Applauds New Zealanders

The wicked face of New Zealand rugby

The wicked face of New Zealand rugby

I watch too much sport.

I used to be a sports editor so I once had an excuse, now it’s just an obsession that probably requires intense therapy.

Rugby union, rugby league, Australian football, cricket, soccer, Gaelic football, hurling, tennis, hockey, golf, boxing, swimming, track and field, basketball, netball – I watch squash and racquetball for God’s (Heather McKay’s) sake – and to make matters worse, I’ve lived in New York for about a million years so I’m now compelled to absorb and love baseball, American football and ice hockey. I am one of the few people in America who never misses a Major League Soccer game of minimal significance. I have been to Aqueduct Racetrack to be a spectator at the midweek gallops; there were maybe seven of us. I have found myself cheering at a pick-up game of lacrosse in the Bronx.

Rugby for Dummies. Yes, You

A version of this story – a far better one – first appeared at backpagelead.com.au

At least one player in every team must resemble a caveman.Photo by Milos Lekovic, courtesy of WaratahsRugby

At least one player in every team must resemble a caveman.Photo by Milos Lekovic, courtesy of WaratahsRugby

Hey, rugby is complicated but so is marriage. Didn’t stop you trying that at least once did it?

Look, you don’t have to love it to give it a go – rugby or marriage I guess – but quite possibly you’ll be better for the experience (rugby).

Yet many of my good American friends and, frankly, a hell of a lot of you uncouth Australians have little idea about the game and its benefits.

AFL Fans in New York: No Soup for You

We have the technology

There was a time, not very long ago (OK, a decade or more ago) when an Australian in New York in need of a televised sports-hit other than the satisfying last two minutes of NBA games and the final 57 seconds of the Superbowl had to search far and wide.

When it came to coverage of cricket, rugby, Australian rules football, Oz soccer, international basketball and rugby league, videos from home (if your VHS-challenged father actually managed to press ‘record’) were often the best way to stay connected although persistence, also known as bar hopping, was sometimes rewarded.