Toby Kebbell Drops Out and Tunes In


Toby Kebbell in Wrath of the Titans

English actor Toby Kebbell is a name dropper.

The 29 year-old has a few to choose from having already worked with directors Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Guy Richie and Steven Spielberg and alongside heavy-hitting actors such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Scarlett Johansson and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Yet, the names littering a conversation with Kebbell about his rise from high school dropout in regional England to Hollywood feature actor tend to be the less illustrious: a schoolteacher, an acting mentor; his parents, his three brothers and sister and fellow strugglers he bumped into along a career path that now straddles the Atlantic.

Extremely Loud & Surprisingly Compelling

We all have our favorites. We all have our biases and preferences.

I try hard not to load up on preconceptions before seeing a film or performance or talking to someone who’s been in the public eye, but I’ll concede it happens more than it should.

There is a certain satisfaction in being “right”, yet I have been reminded in recent months, that it’s possibly more exhilarating to be proven emphatically wrong – or at the least, have your eyes opened to something you haven’t recognized previously.